In a story for all ages, Hogan is a super dog from another planet. He’s a Freewheeler and his job is to keep the Universal Master Plan on course. It’s under threat because Aliens from Caelifera are planning an invasion of earth assisted by the giant pharmaceutical company, the Wellbeing Corporation.

Hogan is helped in his quest by two special teenagers, Ilia and Mbali.  Ilia has a crush on Mbali and to complicate matters, he has the gift of second sight. He soon finds that he can participate in his visions as he becomes a powerful non-human entity who delivers his own kind of justice.

Will Hogan, Ilia and Mbali join forces? Can they stop those from within and beyond who are intent on destroying planet earth?


On Caninus, Hogan is haunted by his past and has to come to terms with the fate of his mentor, Horatio. His heart is broken but he needs to overcome his grief as his special skills are needed now more than ever.

The forces of obstructive free will are about to explode on Earth at the hands of Billy McNeil. He’s a deeply fractured soul and has the will and the means to recruit his own army of military specialists to destroy anyone and everyone who ever caused him pain. Real or imaginary.

Billy McNeil finds the perfect partner in an old mining town in the Australian outback to assist him in his cunning plan. Hog’s Eye Morgan rules the people of Hope Eternal with an iron fist and their cult-like adoration makes them the ideal accomplices in his pursuit of world domination.  Billy and Hog’s Eye are dangerous terrorists who must be stopped before many lives are lost.

Meanwhile in America, Ilia and Mbali are no longer at school and are getting on with their lives until Billy McNeil finds his way into the book shop where Ilia works. Billy’s intent on finding the boy who could fly and believes Ilia could be that very boy. It won’t be long before Ilia and Mbali along with Hogan and his team of freewheelers find themselves drawn into yet another action-packed, explosive battle against the most violent and sinister forces of obstructive free will. 


illustrations created by Candela Riveros – http://www.candelaillustrations.com